"Living fossil" discovered in SW China

Experts recently discovered around 1200 Chinese Hynobiidaes in Guiding county Southwest of China's Guizhou province. These are a type of amphibian species around 300 million years old that once used to live in the dinosaur period. The discovery has offered important reference for the study on animals' evolution and welwitschiopsida's ecological environment.

It is known from the fishery station of Guiding county that this precious species is found in several townships like Yanxia, Duliu. They live happily with Chinese giant salamanders (Andrias davidianus) in clear streams and ponds, appearing with an amazingly large population with more than 1000 found in Yanxia township alone.

The species, named as Chinese Hynobiidae, dubbed as the "living fossil", was first discovered in Yichang, central China's Hubei province. It shares the shape of a giant salamander and has been listed on China's Red List of Endangered Species in1986.

Experts attribute the successful survival of the species to the favorable ecological environment. More than 40 percent of Yanxia township is covered by forest. Hills and ravines are seen here and there; waterfalls, springs, pools and linns form along over 100 streams, all of which has given a natural reserve for the ancient animal.

At present relevant authorities have already taken necessary protection measures for these emerging live flocks.

By People's Daily Online

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