Haneya seeks Arab and Islamic efforts to end Mideast crisis

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneya asked Arab and Islamic countries on Tuesday to "take more effective steps to stop the Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian and the Lebanese people."

Haneya made the appeal while presiding over a cabinet meeting in Gaza City, which was attended by Gaza-based ministers in the absence of seven Hamas ministers who were arrested by Israel in the West Bank at the beginning of a large-scale assault on the Gaza Strip on June 28.

Haneya slammed the reaction of the international community to the Israeli offensive in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. "Though we appreciate the diplomatic efforts aimed at stopping the circle of violence, so far they didn't tackle the real reasons of the crisis, " said Haneya.

He added that the reason of the crisis was "the presence of the Israeli occupation in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria."

Meanwhile, Haneya implicitly condemned the United States which justified Israel's military operation in Lebanon, saying "They should not search for partial solutions that give the occupation freedom of movement and annexing the land by force."

While stressing that the Israeli military escalation will bring no peace and security for Israel, Haneya praised "the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance against the occupation."

Source: Xinhua

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