Arab League accepts Venezuela as observer

The Arab League has accepted Venezuela as an observer, Reinaldo Bolivar, Venezuela's Deputy Foreign Minister for African affairs said on Monday.

Venezuela would formally become an observer for the Arab League in September when Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary-general, visits Caracas and signs a memorandum of understanding to that effect, Bolivar said.

The League's deputy political secretary Ahmed Benhelli is currently in Caracas, Venezuela's capital, to attend Friday and Saturday's High Level Foreign Ministry Representatives Meeting, which has attracted 27 national delegations: 15 Arab nations and 12 South American ones.

Political, economic, cultural, environmental and technological topics, as well as the setting up of an Arab-South American library will feature on the meeting agenda.

One of Behhelli's main tasks at the meeting will be to report to the foreign ministers about the outcome of the Cairo emergency meeting of Arab nation foreign ministers, Bolivar said.

The emergency meeting, which was held on July 15, had been called by the 22-member pan-Arab forum to discuss Israel's military escalation in south Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

Israel has shelled the airport in Lebanon's capital, Beirut; blockaded the country's sea ports; and killed 109 civilians, and two troops, after Hezbollah militants killed eight Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two more of their colleagues.

Source: Xinhua

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