Israel destroys long-range Iranian missile

An Israel Air Force (IAF) strike in Lebanon on Monday destroyed one long-range missile capable of reaching Tel Aviv, local newspaper Ha'aretz reported.

An IAF aircraft hit a truck carrying the weapons before they could be launched and the power of the blast sent at least one missile flying into the air and falling nearby soon, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officials said on condition of anonymity.

Officials said the destroyed missile was an Iranian-made " Zelzal" with a range of about 200 km.

Earlier in the day, Hezbollah's television al-Manar reported that an Israeli F-16 fighter jet was shot down by the Shiite militant group in eastern Beirut, which was denied by Israel.

Army sources estimate that the "downed Israel Air Force jet seen falling from Beirut's skies" was actually a Zelzal-type long- range missile, which is capable of reaching central Israel, IDF spokeswoman told Xinhua.

A missile fired by Hezbollah guerrillas ripped a giant hole in the roof of a train maintenance depot in the northern Israeli city of Haifa on Sunday, killing eight workers below.

The IDF notified Israelis from Tel Aviv northward to raise awareness of the possible rocket attacks.

Haifa is about 30 kilometers away from Lebanese border while Tel Aviv is roughly 120 kilometers south of the border with Lebanon.

Source: Xinhua

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