Thai police arrest nearly 1,600 on World Cup gambling

Thai police have arrested nearly 1,600 people have been arrested in Thailand on illegal gambling during the recent World Cup, Thai media reported Thursday.

The police deployed hundreds of special units to crack down on football gambling, which is illegal in Thailand, during the 41-day World Cup, including raids on pubs, bars and entertainment spots, Royal Thai Police spokesman Achirawit Suphanphesat said Wednesday.

From June 1 to July 11, a total of 1,593 people, including 492 bookmakers and 1,101 gamblers, were arrested for involvement in some 845 million Baht (about 22 million US dollars) of illegal bets on football.

The largest number of arrests up were made in Bangkok, with 128 bookies and 620 gamblers. The lowest number reported was in the north where just four bookmakers and 35 persons who placed bets were arrested. Among the illicit money involved, only about 7.5 million Baht (about 200 thousand US dollars) in cash was recovered, according to Achirawit.

Source: Xinhua

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