French defeat felt in ZZ's home village

The French were not the only ones to taste the bitterness of defeat when their team lost 5-3 to penalties in the World Cup final.

In the Kabylie mountains of Algeria, relatives of French captain Zinedine Zidane gathered with others in his home village of Aguemoune to watch the game, little knowing of the agony to come.

Rabah Zidane, a cousin, told Reuters TV: "I hope he will find enough time to come and visit us and see his family."

Zidane's brother Djamel, visiting on holiday from France, echoed: "Yes, Zinedine will come back to visit his family, his village and friends.

"I feel sad but it's good for him to stop playing football and take a rest."

Sunday's match marked Zidane's farewell to soccer but was marred by his sending off which stunned villagers in the local Cafe Zizou.

Many left in tears but villager Mourani Redouane said: "He played a great game anyway. We enjoyed it."

Zidane's father was born in the village but moved with the player's mother to Marseille after Algeria was declared independent of France in 1962.

Source: China Daily

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