We won together, we lost together, says Henry

Thierry Henry said that despite losing the World Cup final on penalties to Italy he and his fellow France players could leave Germany with their heads held high four years after he and several of the others exited in shame after their defence of the title ended in the first round.

"To go out on penalties is hard to accept. No one expected us to get so far," Henry said. "We'd started the competition from so far off the pace that to make it to the final isn't bad at all," added the Arsenal striker.

"We end on a sour note but we can be satisfied with what we've done together. It's a huge disappointment but we've got to pick ourselves up and build on what we've done at the World Cup. I'm very proud. We won together and we lost together, that's what we've got to remember," he said.

Henry insisted his overall performance in Germany with three goals to his name has silenced those who claimed he was more effective for his club than his country.

"I've been heavily attacked for not showing an example to my team but I believe I've proved here that I was a leader."

Trezeguet said he took full blame for his miss against his Juventus teammate Gianluigi Buffon.

"I don't think I did a bad penalty, it's important to take your responsibilities," he said. "You have to accept defeat, that's part of football. We dominated the game but unfortunately it went to penalties."

On Zidane's loss of temper the striker added: "After what Zidane's done for the national team you have to say thank you and bravo."

Teammate William Gallas believed that even with Zidane out of the picture France could still have pulled off what would have been a remarkable triumph eight years after their first World Cup title.

"After Zidane's red card we knew we could still put them in danger. Even with him off we really wanted to win and not leave in defeat.

"But unfortunately it didn't work out, it's a pity as everyone could see we were better than them," the Chelsea star said.

Source: China Daily

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