Indonesian president hosts Italian, French envoys in World Cup TV watch

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono watched the Word Cup final on Sunday with two special guests, French Ambassador Renaud Vignal and Italian Envoy Francesco Feniel, whose countries featured in the match in Berlin, Germany.

A big screen and two 32-inch televisions were set up at the state palace for guests that also included ministers and around 50 national athletes.

Presidential spokesman Andi Mallarangeng said "the palace protocol was loosened and spectators were allowed to shout in expression of support."

Prior to the match that began at 01:00 Monday Jakarta time, Susilo told local TV station SCTV that Italy was his favorite team, but first lady Ani Yudhoyono was a fan of the French team.

The president also expressed his hope that Indonesia could someday play in World Cup finals.

Source: Xinhua

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