100 injured as Bangladesh opposition clashes with police

Police fought with opposition activists Tuesday with tear gas and rubber bullets as Bangladesh's 14-party opposition coalition attempted to lay a siege to the Election Commission in the capital Dhaka and across the country.

The opposition demanding resignation of Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and his two deputies as the opposition accuse them as the ruling Bangladesh Nationalist Party's supporters.

The opposition activists fought police with stone missiles, leaving nearly 100 people injured.

The Election Commission siege program across the country was announced in the second week of this month after a Dhaka siege on June 11.

The opposition activists attempted to march towards the Election Commission from three fronts where thousands of activists and leaders gathered. But the government posted 6,000 police and para-military border troops inside and outside the Election Commission.

Police put barbed wire barricades in all the three fronts stopping traffic movements from where the opposition was to start their march. As the opposition started their march, battle between police and opposition activists erupted.

Television footage showed fighting between police and opposition activists. The battle spread up to the inner roads of Dhaka city from where activists threw brick missiles towards police.

In northern front Mohakhali, from where the opposition started their march, one female activist of the 14-party coalition was seen lying on street and another was getting no place for hiding to protect her from police repression. She was seen requesting police not to beat her.

The opposition coalition has staged a series of national strikes and protests asking resignation of CEC and his men. The opposition also demanding other electoral reforms. They say a new voter list prepared by the commission was flawed as the commission did not list thousands of opposition supporters.

Reports of siege of the election offices from districts started to pour in the capital. Most reports said the siege were peaceful. But there were some disturbances in northern Mymensingh and northwestern Bagerhat districts.

Source: Xinhua

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