Italian women complain World Cup, survey says

Italian women suffer World Cup fever like their men - but it's the wrong kind, according to a survey reported Wednesday.

Interviewing 1,000 women between the ages of 25 and 60, the Spondex research agency found that a third regarded the World Cup as "a nightmare".

A quarter said they expected their relationships to suffer "frustration or even breakdown".

Some 14 percent said the tournament was "a pain" while only 12 percent, contrary to expectations, thought the experience of enjoying matches together might improve their relationships.

Almost one third, 28 percent, complained of having more housework to do, 10 percent said they felt "abandoned" and 24 percent said the only good thing about the event was that they could spend more time with their own friends.

Their partners change for the worse during the tournament, most respondents said.

Some 32 percent become "short-tempered and disagreeable," 24 percent "dirty and untidy" and 18 percent "unavailable or impossible to track down".

One of the biggest bugbears is when their mate has his mates over to watch a game, the women said.

This results in having to deal with "domestic chaos and a mountain of rubbish," three quarters of respondents said.

Half of the women quizzed are worried the invading hordes will damage furniture and ornaments while 32 percent don't like the swearing and locker-room humor that goes on during the games.

The women were also asked who, rather than what, caused the most damage to their nerves.

Top of the list came "soccer-crazed partner," followed by "friends who just think they can pop over and plonk down in front of the TV," and "girl friends who pretend they know about soccer".

Source: Xinhua

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