Football fan festival opens in Germany

A dazzling football fan festival (Fan Fest) has been kicked off at Berlin's landmark Brandenburg Gate Wednesday night, two days before the month-long World Cup opens in Munich.

Tens of thousands of football fans are expected to gather every afternoon and night to watch games on "the world's biggest television" , as Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit put it, in a scaled-down version of the Berlin Stadium.

Aside from watching 56 live games, the fans from all over the world can also enjoy excellent performances by entertaining celebrities.

The mimic stadium, sponsored by sports wear producer Adidas company, can hold 10,000 people on the 40,000-square-meter lawn in front of the famous Reichstag parliament building.

Football-related advertising and big portraits of international football stars are post of the outside walls of the make-believe stadium, in front of which fast food players, such as Mcdonald's, have set up temporary shops.

With boosting its international image in mind, Germany launched month-long official fan festival in its 12 cities that will host World Cup tournaments.

The fan festival, with an official slogan: A Time to Make Friends, is the first in football World Cup history.

Source: Xinhua

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