S.Korean ruling party leader resigns

South Korean ruling Uring Party Chairman Chung Dong-young announced his resignation on Thursday after the Uri party was heavily defeated in Wednesday's local elections.

"I accept the people's reprimand of the party that was expressed in this election in a prudent and humble manner," Chung said in a press conference.

Candidates of the Uri Party only managed to get one of the 16 mayoral or governor posts in the country's large cities and provinces, while the main opposition Grand National Party swept 12 mayoral posts and governorships throughout the country. The rest three posts were shared by another minor opposition party's candidates and an independent candidate.

After Chung's resignation, the Uri Party will convene a meeting to discuss the nomination of a new chairman, said the party's spokesman Woo Sang-ho, adding that Kim Geun-tae might be appointed as the successor.

However, Woo said Kim Geun-tae hadn't decided on whether to take the post or resign with Chung to take responsibility for the party's failure in local elections.

South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun said on Thursday that he accepts the election result as it revealed the people's will and asked the ruling Uri Party to be patient and far-looking in consideration of the people even when the party was in crisis.

Source: Xinhua

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