Lebanese party urges Annan to help stop "Syrian violations"

Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) urged UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to support Lebanon and put an end to Syrian interference, local newspaper the Daily Star reported on Saturday.

According to the report, the PSP stressed on Friday "the continuous Syrian violations of Lebanese sovereignty" in a letter sent to the UN Security Council, the International Socialist Party, the European Union and other international human rights groups.

"Syria is still exerting all forms of intimidation against the Lebanese, violating their territories, attacking the Lebanese Army directly or through Palestinian organizations and carrying out smuggling operations", said the letter.

The PSP also said that an arrest warrant issued by Damascus against the party's leader Walid Jumblatt violated international law.

The warrant relayed to Beirut this week via Interpol demanded Jumblatt be brought before a Syrian military court to face charges of "slander and inciting hatred" against Damascus.

Meanwhile, the PSP urged the international community to " support the Lebanese in facing such interference and achieve their sovereignty, freedom and independence."

Lebanon and Syria have been bitter about each other since last year's killing of former Lebanese premier Rafik al-Hariri and the following Syrian troops withdrawal.

Jumblatt, Lebanon's Druze leader, is a key member of Beirut's anti-Syrian parliament majority accusing Damascus of being responsible for Hariri's death.

Syria strongly denied the charge.

Source: Xinhua

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