Algeria to launch new round of entry talks with WTO in June

Algeria will launch the 10th round of its membership talks with the World Trade Organization (WTO) in June, Algerian Minister of Commerce El-Hachemi Djaaboub said on Saturday.

Algeria has responded to more than 100 inquiries concerning its entry presented by WTO members, and also amended and abolished some domestic laws and regulations conflicting with WTO rules, Djaaboub told state radio.

But he added that Algeria would not sacrifice principles for seeking WTO membership and accept some unrealistic conditions imposed by others.

He also said Algeria still has to narrow its differences with some WTO members on the issue of agricultural subsidies.

Nevertheless, Djaaboub said he was optimistic about the prospect of joining the WTO by the end of this year.

Algeria applied for joining the WTO in 1996 and has held several rounds of talks on its membership with the WTO since 1998. As part of its efforts to join the WTO at an early date, the Algerian government has embarked on a set of reforms, including abandoning the planned economy system and implementing the opening up policy in trade.

Source: Xinhua

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