Yadu becomes air humidifier & purifier supplier of Beijing Olympics

Yadu Indoor Environmental Protection Science & Technology Co. Ltd became the air humidifier & purifier exclusive supplier of the 2008 Olympic Games on Thursday.

Under the sponsorship deal Yadu signed with the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG), the Beijing-based enterprise will provide funds to BOCOG, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Chinese sports delegation to the 2008 Games.

The Suppliership Program, the third tier of the Beijing 2008 Sponsorship Program, includes exclusive suppliers and suppliers. The former enjoys exclusive Olympic marketing rights within its designated product (service) category. Two or more suppliers in the same or similar product (service) category can enjoy co-exclusive Olympic marketing rights.

Since BOCOG launched its marketing program in September 2003, 11 partners, nine sponsors and four exclusive suppliers have been signed up.

Source: Xinhua

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