Farewell, centenary Beijing South Railway Station

Photo:The last train has just left Beijing South Railway Station on May 9.
The last train has just left Beijing South Railway Station on May 9.
The last train left Beijing South Railway Station on May 9.

The century-old Beijing South Railway Station was closed for reconstruction as the train No. 2141 from Tianjin to Wumei West left at 11:09 pm, May 9.

The renovation work will turn the 109-year-old station into a terminus serving high-speed trains, and the project is due to be completed late 2007.

The new railway station is planned to cover an area of 180 acres, with the major areas covering 94 acres, 7.5 times as big as Beijing Railway Station. The total construction site of the new station will cover some 220,000 square meters, with the ground areas 50,400 square meters and the highest point of the roof 40 meters above the ground. The waiting chamber will accommodate as many as 10,000 passengers at the same time.

The new station will have 24 railway lines and 13 platforms, among which 5 lines and 3 stations for ordinary trains, 12 lines and 6 stations for Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway and 7 lines and 4 stations for inner-city line between Beijing and Taijin.

A traffic hub connecting five kinds of major public transportations

The new station will function as a traffic hub for railway, subway. municipal railway, bus as well as taxi. The station will be a 5-storey building complex, two floors above the ground and three underground. The above-the-ground part has elevated road and ground road, with the former designed for taxis and other vehicles and the latter for buses and passengers. The first floor underground is the inter-change hall, parking lot and exits for passengers; the second floor is the subway line 4; and third floor is the subway line 14.

A terminus for high-speed railway lines

The 115-km-long inter-city railway linking up Beijing and Tianjin will go into operation on July 2007, which means the travel between the two municipalities will be shortened to 30 minutes.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will also start from the new stations. Designed with a speed of 350 km per hour, the line reduces the travel time between the two cities from the previous 14 hours to 5. Upon its opening to traffic by 2010, departure and arrival of the high speed trains will be as frequent as every three minutes during peak hours.

About Beijing South Railway Station

Built in 1897, Beijing South Railway Station was formerly known as Majiapu Railway Station and later the Yongdingmen Railway Station. After a renovation in 1958, it was turned into a temporary station. So far it has extended its service for 38 years. Now, it has 22 rails, mainly slow trains and short-distance transport from Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shandong.

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