Nigeria implements 9-year universal basic education program

Nigeria is to implement the nine-year universal basic education (UBE) program in September 2006 aimed at achieving 100 percent of transition from primary to junior secondary schools, a senior official from the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) said in Abuja Sunday.

"This is in conformity with the law which says there shall be free and compulsory continuous nine-year basic education in Nigeria," according to Godwill Obioma, executive secretary of the NERDC.

To implement the nine-year UBE program smoothly, he added, the Nigerian government has separated the administration of unity schools and appointed separate principals and vice principals to man the junior and senior arms of the schools.

He said that new bursars and other support staff as well as separate teaching and non-teaching staff have been appointed for the two arms in the existing 50 unity schools.

In early this year, the NERDC announced that National Common Entrance Examination had been abolished.

Schools now need to distribute forms to graduates of primary schools for choice of schools for the junior secondary program, the last lap of three years of the basic education.

Source: Xinhua

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