Guinea-Bissau to establish diplomatic ties with Venezuela

Guinea-Bissau is to establish diplomatic relations with Venezuela by setting up diplomatic missions in each other's capitals, according to a report reaching here from Bissau on Friday.

In a statement, Guinea-Bissau's Foreign Minister Antonio Isac Monteiro said an accord to exchange ambassadors was signed earlier this month by Caracas and Bissau in an effort to consolidate bilateral cooperation.

Cuba is currently the only Latin American state which has diplomatic ties with Guinea-Bissau.

According to reports from Bissau, the west African country's move is for closer ties with the world's fifth-biggest oil exporter was part of the Guinea-Bissau government's strategy to seek support from OPEC states for future petroleum exploration in the impoverished west African state.

Guinea-Bissau lies on the west coast of northern Africa, bordered by Senegal to the north, Guinea to the east and south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Source: Xinhua

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