OIC members urge international community to recognize Hamas

Parliament speakers from members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) on Thursday called for a recognition of the Palestinian Hamas government.

Wrapping up the Fourth Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC member states, participants urged that the international community should recognize the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) as the representative of the Palestinian people.

In a final document titled "Istanbul Declaration", representatives said that the outcome of Palestinian elections on Jan. 25, 2006 must be respected, semi-official Anatolia News Agency reported.

"Israel must end the killing of Palestinians and let the Palestinians make use of their own natural resources," said the declaration.

"The Palestinians must decide on their future on their own. Israel must free all Palestinian prisoners. A Palestinian state must be established," it added.

More than 400 representatives from 47 member states, including parliament speakers from 17 countries and deputy parliament speakers from eight countries, attended the two-day conference held in the largest Turkish city.

Representatives urged all Islamic countries to make reforms so that better management and transparency in government would take place.

The declaration also discussed the concept of "Islamophobia" in the world, noting that Islamic countries must deal with such a negative process in all levels of government.

"We invite different religions and cultures to promote dialogue between themselves so that better understanding of each other takes place," the declaration said.

It announced that the fifth Conference will be held in Cairo, Egypt in 2008.

The Parliamentary Union was established at an OIC conference held in Tehran in 1999 with a main objective of enhancing and supporting the implementation of the Islamic principle of consultation in all OIC member states, in accordance with the Constitution and circumstances of each member.

Source: Xinhua

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