U.S. concerned about Iran's missile, torpedo tests

The United States expressed on Monday its concern over Iran's missile and torpedo test and claimed that it shows Teheran is aggressively pursing program of development of weapons systems.

"It certainly is of concern. It is a further reminder of an aggressive program of development of weapons systems that many of us see as threatening," State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said at a briefing.

"The fact that in three days you've had the test of a missile as well as the reported test of a torpedo of nuke capabilities demonstrates a weaponization program by Iran that does nothing to reassure Iran's neighbors or the international community," Ereli said.

Ereli also accused Iran of supporting terror and undergoing clandestine nuclear activity.

Ereli's remarks came after Iran test-fired a new torpedo successfully in an on-going war game in the Gulf on Monday. The torpedo test also came days after Iran successfully test-fired a missile with radar-dodging and multi-targeting capabilities in the war game last Friday.

Source: Xinhua

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