"Bomb man" to get mental observation in Malaysia

A man, who called a bomb threat aboard a taxiing passenger flight in southern Malaysia, will be sent to a mental hospital for observation, police said on Monday.

The man, who was on an AirAsia B737-300 plane with 96 other passengers, declared to the cabin crew that there was a bomb in his bag as the aircraft was taxiing for takeoff at the Sultan Ismail International Airport near Senai, about 20 kilometers north of Johor Bahru, capital of the Johor State.

The captain aborted the takeoff and a bomb disposal unit was rushed to the aircraft but did not find anything suspicious, police said.

The background of the man was unknown yet but he had claimed to be a teacher.

Malaysia's national news services Bernama said that the incident took place in the afternoon and resulted in several other flights being delayed, but the AirAsia plane resumed its journey later.

Johor police currently is conducting investigations on the incident.

Source: Xinhua

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