Kazakhstan, China to jointly build large-scale power plant

Kazakhstan and China plan to jointly build a large-scale coal-fired power plant in Kazakh's northern state of Pavlodar, the first venture of its kind between the two nations, a Kazakh official said on Friday.

Necipcul Bertisbayev, chief of the Electricity and Coal Industry Bureau under the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, said the power plant was planned to be built on the Ekibastuz coalfield.

According to preliminary projections, the plant was to have an installed capacity of 7200 megawatts, an annual power output of 40 billion kwh and an annual consumption of 20 million tons of coal, Bertisbayev said.

The project would cost between 6 and 7 billion U.S. dollars, which would be provided solely by the Chinese side, according to preliminary plans, Bertisbayev said. If established, the power plant would be the largest of its type in the world, the bureau chief noted.

The two sides were currently discussing the economic and technological implications of the project, Bertisbayev said.

As the third-largest, for coal production, of the former Soviet countries, Kazakhstan also enjoys rich oil and gas reserves.

Source: Xinhua

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