Bangladesh beefs up security fearing fresh attacks by Islamic outfit

The Bangladeshi government put the security forces in the country on high alert Sunday as the arrested top Islamic militant leaders said they have huge explosives for fresh attacks, private television channel ATN Bangla reported Sunday.

The government asked security forces and the elite anti-crime Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) to be alert about security in the key establishments, including Zia International Airport, as the top Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JAB) leaders arrested early this month and being interrogated said, "We have still enough explosives for fresh attacks."

The television said security has been beefed up along all key establishments fearing fresh attacks by the banned Islamic militant group JAB widely blamed for countrywide series bombing and suicide attacks that left 28 people killed and hundreds wounded since August 17 last year.

Meanwhile, the interrogators of Joint Interrogation Cell (JIC), a combine of all intelligence groups of Bangladesh, who are interrogating the top two leaders JAB chief Shaikh Abdur Rahman and operation chief Bangla Bhai, quoted the extremist leaders as saying that they will reply to question only to Islamic Shariah courts, but not to man-made courts because they do not believe in man-made courts.

"Both are ready to give reply to questions of interrogators in Shariah courts," local media reports said on Sunday.

They had started the war to establish Islamic Shariah rule in this second largest Muslim country of 140 million.

Rahman was arrested from northeastern Sylhet on March 2 and Bangla Bhai on March 6 from northern Mymensingh and since then they are being interrogated.

Source: Xinhua

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