China's exports of leather, fur and related products up 19.3 percent last year

An official with the National Development and Reform Commission said on Tuesday that China's export of leather, fur and related products increased by 19.3 percent to 32.71 billion U.S. dollars in 2005.

Last year, China exported 17.11 billion dollars worth of leather shoes and 7.31 billion dollars worth of leather bags and cases, an increase of 24 percent and 17 percent respectively, said Niu Jianguo, deputy director of the Economic Performance Department of the NDRC, at a press conference.

The export of leather and fur garments totaled 1.87 billion dollars, up 40 percent, he said, pointing out the figures were achieved in spite of the country's increasing trade disputes with trade partners.

Meanwhile, the country's output of leather shoes, bags and garments grew 19 percent, 14 percent and 3 percent respectively last year.

According to the China Leather Industry Association, 23 Chinese leather producers have been granted the power to use the eco-genuine-leather mark by the end of 2005.

Source: Xinhua

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