Putin says Sino-Russian ties at unprecedented level of development

President Vladimir Putin hailed the unprecedented development of Russia-China ties in an interview with Xinhua on Saturday, ahead of his two-day visit to Beijing that starts on March 21.

Russia and China have resolved all their major political problems, including border issues, thus raising their mutual trust to a completely new level.

The active development of Sino-Russian relations has convincingly shown that being pragmatic and holding constructive dialogues are more effective than holding grudges against each other and being endlessly entangled in disputes left over from history, the president said.

Both countries have carried out active cooperation on the international arena, have closely cooperated with each other in global and regional organizations, and have been partners in coping with terrorism and other existing threats, he said, adding that bilateral trade and economic ties are full of vigor and investment and high-tech cooperation are all the more prosperous.

Russia believes that there are the broadest prospects for Sino-Russian relations in all respects and we will continue to make every endeavor to ensure that bilateral ties will go forward steadily, he went on to say, noting Russia is willing to solve existing problems in a patient way and is determined not to balk at difficulties.

"I firmly believe that such close strategic partnership conforms to the long-term interests of both countries and their people," said Putin, adding that the Sino-Russian strategic partnership is not only becoming a positive element in the international order, but is also conducive to the realization of both nations' goals to modernize themselves.

Putin's visit to Beijing coincides with the launching of the Year of Russia in China in 2006. The president is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of the event.

Leaders of both countries decided in October 2004 to launch the Year of Russia in China in 2006 and Year of China in Russia in 2007.

Source: Xinhua

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