Population hits 1.30756 bln by 2005: Survey

The National Bureau of Statistics released Thursday the results of a 1 percent sample census conducted in 2005. At 0am Nov.1, 2005 China's population in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and active army was 1.30628 billion (excluding those in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Prediction based on the results shows that China's population would hit 1.30756 billion by the end of 2005 (excluding those in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

The survey shows that compared with the fifth census conducted at 0am Nov.1, 2000 China's population has increased by 40.45 million or 3.2 percent. The population grew at an annual rate of 8.09 million on average.

The survey took the nation as a whole as the primary framework and provinces, regions and municipalities as the secondary framework, using stratified, multi-phased, cluster probability proportionate sampling as methodology. Final sample units were used as survey districts. It took 17.05 million people as samples, which accounted for 1.31 percent of China's total population.

The survey shows that China had a mobile population of 147.35 million, of which cross-province population accounted for 47.79 million. Compared with the fifth census mobile population increased by 2.96 million while cross-province mobile population grew by 5.37 million.

Urban population stood at 561.57 million, about 42.99 percent of the total population and those living in rural areas totaled 744.71 million representing 57.01 percent of the total population.

The Han nationality made up 90.56 percent of total population and the remaining 9.44 percent were minority nationalities.

China had 395.19 million households with the average size of 3.13 persons per household.

In the population those with university education (junior college or above) were 67.64 million, those with high school education (including technical secondary school) were150.83 million. 467.35 million people had middle school education while 407.06 million had primary school education.

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