EU to impose provisional anti-dumping duties on shoe imports

The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union (EU), will in the next week agree to impose provisional anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese and Vietnamese shoes.

A spokesman for the Commission made the announcement on Thursday following heated discussion in two sessions of the EU's Article 133 Committee, composed of experts from the member states.

The spokesman said that the proposals had been accepted by a majority of member states on the committee in their original form: duties would start in April and rise from just over 4 percent to 19.8 percent by October.

Sports and children's shoes will be excluded from the scope of the duties.

However, a source close to the committee said that 10 countries had opposed the measures, leaving shoe-manufacturing countries which are most in favor of tariffs - Greece, Portugal and Spain led by Italy - with no alternative but to accept the proposals as they stood.

A statement from EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson stressed that there was no majority against his proposals and said he would recommend that the Commission adopts them by a formal decision on March 22.

Source: Xinhua

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