China denies creating its own TLDs

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) as the registry of .CN ccTLD has issued a statement on recent report that China had created its own Top Level Domains, and might be planning to break away from ICANN and the DNS.

In a statement issued on Friday, CNNIC points out that the report is inaccurate and "the corresponding reporter lacks the understanding of the real situation, the content of the report is severely inconsistent with the facts".

The "Announcement on China Internet Domain Name System" made by Ministry of Information Industry (MII) of China is the complement to the previous Announcement which was made in 2002, according to the statement. The only difference is to add a second level domain ".MIL.CN" in .CN ccTLD.

Together with the global Internet communities, CNNIC is committed itself to maintain the stable operation of the DNS and to actively promote the development of IDN for years, said CNNIC in the statement.

By People's Daily Online

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