Jihad leader killed in Israeli missile attack in Gaza City

A senior leader of the Islamic Jihad (Holy War) was killed when his car was hit by an Israeli missile in the Gaza City on Wednesday, sources said.

The Jihad leader was identified as Waleed al-Dahdouh, 34, who was commander of Saraya al-Quds, Jihad's armed wing, said the sources.

Al-Dahdouh was killed when his car came under attack near the Palestinian Finance Ministry in southern Gaza City, the sources added.

Meanwhile, witnesses said that al-Dahdoub's car was hit by a missile fired from an Israeli army reconnaissance drone, adding that his body was pulled out of the burnt car and transferred by a Palestinian ambulance to the Shiffa Hospital in the Gaza City.

Jihad, sworn to Israel's destruction, has been behind suicide bombings and other deadly attacks on Israel in the past. The group has also been responsible for a recent series of rocket attacks on southern Israeli towns.

Israel has vowed to intensify attacks on Jihad and its infrastructure.

Source: Xinhua

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