Dodik becomes new PM of Bosnia-Herzegovina's Serb Republic

Milorad Dodik has been approved as the new prime minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina's Serb Republic, and his cabinet also received the endorsement of lawmakers on Tuesday.

In the 83-seat parliament, 46 deputies voted for Dodik, five were against and four abstained. Deputies of the Serb Democratic Party (SDS)left the session before the vote in protest, according to the Tanjug news agency.

The new 16-member cabinet consists of eight Serb, five Muslim and three Croat ministers. It succeeds that of Pero Bukejlovic which lost a confidence motion in the parliament of Serb Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina last month.

The 47-year-old Dodik said his government would focus on a new economic policy that would stimulate exports, a review of the controversial privatization process and the fight against widespread organized crime.

Before the vote, legislators elected Igor Radojicic of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats headed by Dodik as new speaker after the SDS's Dusan Stojicic submitted his resignation.

Source: Xinhua

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