China's notary offices annually handle 10 million cases

For the past seven years, notary offices in China each year have handled more than 10 million cases, over 111 times that in 1980.

The increase of notary cases marked the rapid progress of China's notary cause, a senior official with the Chinese Ministry of Justice told Xinhua here Tuesday.

He said China so far has a total of 3,162 notary offices nationwide, six times of that of 1980 when China recovered the notary service after the opening-up. Up to now, more than 20,000 people are engaged in the notary cause, among which those with college-or-above-level educations accounted for 94 percent.

The official noted that in recent years, China has trained and tested programs for notary service. At present, the notary service in China not only covers national construction projects such as the Three Gorges Project, but also offers legal consultation for public affairs including probate, evidence and contracts.

Foreign-related notary cases also boomed in recent years, the official said. In 2005, China handled nearly three million foreign-related notary cases, far exceeding the original 140,000 in 1980. The notary service agencies in China also offered in-time and effective legal support to local firms in registering their brand overseas or responding to overseas anti-dumping litigation.

To further comply with the social demand, 49 percent of notary offices in China have transformed into public institutions from administrative organs.

Source: Xinhua

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