Microsoft supports Chinese domain names

Chinese can apply Chinese domain name for searching enterprises and departments that they want online from 2006. Microsoft's IE7 browser supports "", which signals that Internet will greet the age of all-new Chinese domain name, said Liu Zhijiang, an official with the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on Thursday in Beijing, according to China News Service.

At the seminar on China's CN online", Liu Zhijiang hailed the advent of the era of Chinese domain names after eight years of efforts starting from 1998. For enterprises, it enables them to have direct communication with 100 million Chinese Internet users.

Chinese domain name will have impact on every Chinese, and the use of Chinese domain name is just like a key to the door of the Internet, said Zhang Jiguang, president of, a well-known Internet service provider in China. By applying mother tongue for the management of local domain names the security of national information and national defense will be better safeguarded.

He noted that as a institution of domain name registration authorized by CNNIC, the MainOne will spare no efforts to popularize Chinese domain names.

Experts participating in the seminar said Chinese domain name registration will not only be an important measure for brands assets protection for businesses, but also an important step for their online brand-building strategy. For Chinese people, a Chinese domain names functions like a Chinese doorplate number to the enterprise, offering convenient access to readers.

Experts believe that it will be perfect for Chinese enterprises in the age of network to have Chinese domain names available.

China's Internet users have topped 100 million with the registered national domain name CN reaching 1.09 million, becoming Asia's largest domain name.

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