China readies for Lantern Festival

People all across China are preparing for the Lantern Festival on Sunday. They're stocking up on tangyuan dumplings, the traditional Lantern Festival food, and of course, buying lanterns.

In Changchun city in northeastern China's Jilin province, store shelves are loaded with tangyuan dumplings.

Tangyuan dumplings are small balls of glutinous rice flour with fillings, which can be almost anything.

Walnuts, sesame, edible flowers, and jujube paste are traditional favorites. But there are also tangyuan dumplings filled with fruit and minced meat. At the market in Changchun, there are eighty kinds of tangyuan to choose from.

Jilin Citizen said: "There are so many types of tangyuan. I'd like to pick something unusual."

Shop Assistant said: "These tangyuan dumplings arrived here four days ago. We'll sell 200 bags a day."

And in a street in Nanyang city in Henan province, people can't help but pause when they see these dogs. These giant lanterns measuring two meters in height remind everyone of this year's most popular animal.

But it's traditional red and round lanterns that are capturing hearts in Fujian province's Rongcheng city. The Lantern Festival is a big deal in this city famous for its hand-made lanterns.

When it comes to traditional Chinese festivals, old will never be out of style.

Source: Xinhua

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