Chinese railways carry more direct long-distance passengers

An increasing number of Chinese long-distance travelers chose railways as the means for their return to work places after the traditional Spring Festival family reunion.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Railways, the Chinese railways carried some 1.956 million direct long-distance passengers on Feb. 8 alone, some 30,000 more than the passenger flow on the peak day of last year.

The ministry said more long-distance passengers were expected to take trains on Thursday.

On Feb. 8, which witnessed a total passenger flow of 4.181 million, the ministry launched 712 temporary trains, 414 of which were direct long-distance ones.

By Feb. 8, the daily railway passenger flow had remained above the four million mark for seven consecutive days. The number of direct long-distance travelers has kept growing since it reached 1.8 million on Feb. 3.

During the peak travel days around the Spring Festival, or the Chinese lunar new year that fell on Jan. 29 this year, the ministry suspended a large number of short-distance trains and launched more long-distance ones.

Source: Xinhua

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