Hong Kong remain premier choice of Mainland investment

Hong Kong will remain the premier choice of Mainland enterprises as a platform for investment and capital financing, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Frederick Ma said Tuesday.

He expects that more Mainland enterprises will seek listing in Hong Kong and more Mainland capital will be invested during the Year of the Dog.

"With the listing of a number of major Mainland enterprises in Hong Kong and other favorable factors, Hong Kong's stock market staged a robust performance last year. The total equity capital raised during the year was more than 295 billion HK dollars (about 38.06 billion U.S. dollars)," Ma said.

The Hong Kong stock market ranks fourth in the world and first in Asia, ahead of Japan, in terms of equity capital raised. The volume of total market turnover in 2005 was more than 4.520 trillion HK dollars (about 583 billion U.S. dollars).

With a total market capitalization of more than 8.18 trillion HK dollars (about 1,055 billion U.S. dollars), Hong Kong moved from ninth to eighth place in the world. Investors are generally optimistic about the prospects of the Hong Kong market.

Ma said Hong Kong is an international financial center with free flow of capital from over the world in the absence of foreign exchange control.

"Overseas investors contributed to 35 percent to 40 percent of the total market turnover in the past three years. Therefore, Hong Kong's stock market is affected not only by domestic factors, but also by fluctuations in the global and regional economies, in particular the Mainland economy," he said.

Source: Xinhua

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