Four brewing skills hopeful to be listed as intangible cultural heritage

Four traditional brewing skills with ancient and great cultural contents are hopeful to be on the list of China's first group of intangible cultural heritage, reports the overseas edition of People's Daily on Friday.

The brewing skills include those for classic Chinese liquor Maotai in Guizhou, Luzhou Laojiao (old cellar) in Sichuan, Xinghuacun Fen Brand Wine in Shanxi and Shaoxing Yellow Wine in Zhejiang.

Recently, the four brewing technical skills have been listed as worth protecting ˇ°manual skillsˇ± of intangible cultural heritages on the list of the first national group of intangible cultural heritage announced by the Ministry of Culture.

Of the four brewing skills, Maotai, Luzhou Laojiao and Xinghuacun Fen Brand Wine represent respectively the typical liquor flavors of strong, middle and light fragrant types. Yellow wine is the one with the longest history in China and the most famous brand is the Shaoxing Yellow Wine. All the wines are known as ˇ°Chinese wineˇ± overseas. It is interesting that the four wines won the golden awards in Panama International Exposition. And they have been awarded the titles of ˇ°famous national winesˇ± in national wine appraisals for many times.

By People's Daily Online

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