Nigerian general heads African Union standby force

The 53-member African Union has appointed Ishaya Hassan of Nigeria as the head of the organization 's standby force in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff Martin-Luther Agwai announced on Monday.

Agwai charged Hassan to perform his functions effectively as the ambassador of the Nigerian Army and the country while decorating him with his new rank of major general in the capital Abuja, according to the official News Agency of Nigeria.

"Whatever you do will be mirroring not only to the Nigerian Army, but also to the Nigerian Armed Forces and the country," Agwai told Hassan.

Agwai expressed optimism that the officer would not be faced with any difficulty considering his past experience during his UN tour.

Responding, Hassan said that with his experience he would be able to cope with the challenges facing the continent which were mainly ethno-religious in nature.

Hassan said that the main challenges would be planning and coordination of the force, adding that west African regional bloc ECOWAS would play a leading role by providing a brigade for the force.

Source: Xinhua

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