China continues to help train African military personnel

The Chinese government will continue to help train African military personnel and support defense and army building of African countries for their own security, according to China's African Policy Paper issued Thursday in Beijing.

This is the first time for the Chinese government to issue a paper elaborating its policy toward Africa.

The paper said China will promote high-level military exchanges between the two sides and actively carry out military-related technological exchanges and cooperation.

In regard to conflict settlement and peacekeeping operations, China supports the positive efforts by the African Union and other African regional organizations to settle regional conflicts and will provide assistance within its own capacity, the paper said.

China is prepared to promote exchange and cooperation between Chinese and African judicial and law enforcement departments, it said.

"China will work together with African countries to combat transnational organized crimes and corruption, and intensify cooperation on matters concerning judicial assistance, extradition and repatriation of criminal suspects", the paper said.

Besides, China will cooperate closely with immigration departments of African countries in tackling the problem of illegal migration, it said.

In non-traditional security areas, China will explore more effective ways for closer cooperation with Africa in combating terrorism, small arms smuggling, drug trafficking and transnational economic crimes.

The paper, composed of more than 3,000 words, is divided into six parts, including Africa's position and role, China's relations with Africa, China's African policy, enhancing all-round cooperation between China and Africa, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and its follow-up actions, China's relations with African regional organizations.

Source: Xinhua

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