Water-saving technologies helping farm production in Tajikistan

A group of experts from China's Ministry of Science and Technology has examined and accepted a series of water-efficient irrigation technologies used to help Tajikistan develop agriculture in the past two years.

The technologies were applied in an experimental project carried out in Tajikistan to relieve water shortage in agricultural production, with the joint efforts of the China Water-Efficient Irrigation Research Center and Xinjiang Tianye Group Co.

Cotton production is the mainstay of Tajikistan's agriculture, accounting for 40 percent of its gross domestic product, but due to the mountainous landscape and lack of water, the country's agriculture is weak in general.

Since April 2003, the China-sponsored water-saving project, carried out in 32 hectares of cotton field in Tajikistan, has helped local farms double their cotton output by using 60 percent less water and 46 percent less fertilizer, the Chinese expert panel said in a report reaching here Wednesday.

Tajikistan and the Xinjiang company signed a letter of intent last September to apply the water-efficient technologies in another 5,000hectares of cotton field in the Central Asian country in the coming 3 years.

A company executive said they have also signed cooperation agreements with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Mongolia.

Source: Xinhua

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