"World's oldest fossil flower" makes debut in Nanjing

The Museum of Paleontology in Nanjing which opened to public late 2005 is telling the viewers an evolution story of earth and living things. Particularly, the "oldest fossil flower in the world" has strong appeal to the viewers.

In "Johol Fauna" zone on the first floor of Nanjing Museum of Paleontology, a fossil named "Liaoning ancient fruit" is extraordinary eye-catching. A pteridophyte-like branch can be found in the fossil, and part of its leaf-like structure is of convex shape, like the pteridophyte.

"The fossil flower is of great value though it looks ordinary. It is 145 million years old and is so far the world's oldest fossil flower with proven evidence,Ħħ said Sun Weiguo, curator with the museum.

It is said that "Liaoning ancient fruit" was discovered by Sun Ge, an expert with Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology under Chinese Academy of Sciences (CSA). The initial research shows that it is the fossil of the oldest angiosperm in the world, the ancestry of flower.

By People's Daily Online

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