China's power shortage expected to be eased in 2006

Power shortage is expected to be eased in China this year as more generating units will be operational, said a Chinese expert of electric power.

The maximum shortage of electricity will be less than nine million kilowatts in the country, forecast Zhao Zunlian, chief engineer with the State Power Grid Development Company.

North and south China regions would be the major areas to suffer power shortage this year, Zhao said.

Zhao predicted, generating units with combined capacity of 81.17 million kilowatts would be operational this year, bringing China's total generated capacity to 590 million kilowatts. The total power consumption will be 2.74 trillion kilowatt-hours in China this year, Zhao said.

China stepped up construction of power grid last year to balance power supply and demand. By early December, China generated 2.26 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, a rise of 13.12 percent year on year.

Source: Xinhua

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