Chinese surname history: Xie

People surnamed Xie are descendants of Yuyang, the son of Emperor Huangdi. Yuyang's descendants founded ten states successively, the State of Xie being the first one.

In late West Zhou Dynasty, to tighten control of the southern part, King Zhouxuanwang dispatched Zhaobo to attack and occupy the State of Xie and gave the land to his uncle Shen Boxi. The people of the State of Xie changed their surnames to Xie in commemoration of their state thereafter. This happened about 3,000 years ago.

The State of Xie is located in today's Nanyang, Henan Province. Since Late West Zhou Dynasty, Xie people began to move to other regions and had lived across China by Yuan Dynasty. In early Qin Dynasty, a group of Xie people moved to Yangxia of Chen County (today's Taikang in Henan Province). This group is forefather of the noted Yangxia's Xie family in Northern and Southern Dynasties.

Celebrities surnamed Xie include Xie An, of Eastern Jin Dynasty, who is famous for his indifference to fame and money; and poet Xie Lingyun in Southern Song Dynasty. Xie ranks the 24th in major Chinese surnames today.

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