Fifty-two year old man undergoes transexual operation

Huang Hua (alias), who lived the past 52 years as a man, has undergone a transexual operation recently in a hospital of Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan Province, and has become the oldest transexual in China.

Huang's doctor told Xinhua that Huang now is of little difference than other females after, except for the lack of a womb.

"My life as a woman has started," said Huang, who paid a huge price for his dream of living as a woman.

Huang's daughter felt ashamed about his operation.

The headmaster of the hospital where Huang received the operation said his hospital is very attentive of the psychological state of its patients and doesn't encourage transsexual surgery.

Wang Weiyu, doctor of psychology, called for the whole society to take care of transsexuals and provide ample legal guarantee for them.

Source: Xinhua

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