MSN Spaces rated the leading blog service provider in China

Chinese search engine Baidu announced on Dec 19 that there are 36.82 million Chinese blog sites on the Internet and the number of Blogger has reached 16 million. Every Blogger owns 2.3 blogs on average.

Baidu's statistics mainly include principal blog service providers' websites and independent blog sites capable of identifying domain names, but automatically created blog sites by some service providers are excluded.

The Chinese mainland registers 658 blog service providers so far; 330 of them have registered users over 1,000. The top blog service providers are: MSN Spaces, Cnblogs, Tianya Blog, BlogCn, Mblogger, BlogBus, Ycul Blog, NetEase Blog, CSDN Blog, Hexun Blog and DonewsBlog

For a long time, Cnblogs, BlogCn and Blogbus are rated top three professional blog service providers in China. But they are now falling behind, for they are confronted with challenges from new service providers. In the meantime, more traditional Internet service providers are tapping into this market. With the huge number of users and service advantages, these traditional service providers have undergone amazing development and inflicted impact on the professional blog service providers. MSN Spaces and Sina Blog are the most prominent ones of the traditional BSPs.

With regard to blog service provided by China's portals, NetEase Blog, Tom Blog, Sina Blog, Qzone and Sohu Blog are the top five blog service providers in terms of blogger number, according to the Baidu statistics.

Analysts note professional blog service providers have preemptive advantage; while portal sites have advantages in resources. The Baidu statistics find that blog service providers aiming at professional users such as CSDN Blog have outperformed portal sites. The contents of users are crucial to the development of blog service providers.

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