Chinese Dong surname history

Person who tamed dragons got the surname Dong. Throughout the history, there have been many records about the origin of surname Dong, which could be traced back to some 4,000 years ago, when Gaoyan Emperor, descendant of Huang Di (Yellow Emperor) ruled.

The literal meaning of Dong refers to clover fern, which could be used to make cord. Huilian clan that was good at making cord regarded clover ferns as their totem.

It is said that Dong Fu, the grandson of Huilian was skilled in taming dragons (crocodile). One year, someone presented Shun Emperor with several flood dragons, which needed specially assigned person to raise and train, and the royal court gave this mission to Dong. Dong meticulously tamed these flood dragons and taught them various dances. Shun Emperor was greatly pleased by Dong's efforts and conferred the title of Huanlong and surname Dong to his clan. The offspring Dong took surname Dong ever since. The ancient site of surname Dong was within today's Shanxi province, where dukes ruled during Xia and Shang Dynasties and later State Jin annexed it.

According to historical records compiled in Han Dynasty, another branch of Dong surname originated from title of official, and they were the offspring of Jin Dian, the commander-in-chief of State Jin in Spring and Autumn period.

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