Lunar Embassy CEO claims to land on moon within 20 years

Lunar Embassy Company CEO Li Jie said he will land on the moon within 20 years and open a nuclear plant there in 30 years. Experts say it is impossible to land on the moon by solely relying on individual or corporate strength.

Li claimed in a statement that he is the owner of the reverse side of the moon and helium-3 on the moon since November 25.

He said that helium-3 is a perfect fuel source: extremely potent, nonpolluting, virtually no radioactive by-product, and scientists estimate there are about 1 million tons of helium-3 on the moon, enough to power the world for thousands of years.

He said he will land on the moon in 20 years and set up a nuclear power station within 30 years in order to explore the new energy.

Li Jing, researcher of National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences questioned Li Jie's statement. He said that moon landing is a systematic project, a state act beyond individual power, and a gigantic task which needs strength of a whole nation even for developed countries.

By People's Daily Online

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