Mobile phone and translation machine: two-in-one

News carried on Japanese Yomiuri Daily said recently that research in Japan is likely to develop a kind of English-Japanese two-way simultaneous interpretation system and will apply the system into mobile phones, hopefully turning mobile phones into portable translation machines.

Many Japanese enjoy outbound traveling but suffer from poor English. The new system to be developed is expected to make portable translation machine possible. Researchers with NEC, which takes charge of developing such system said that they planned to make the translation system loaded in mobile phones practical in a couple of years.

The new translation system can recognise 50,000 Japanese words and 30,000 English words, suitable for simple translation in hotels and restaurants when traveling. When user speaks English or Japanese to such translation machine, he waits for one second for the system translating his words into another language both in text and in speech sounds.

It is reported that, the chip researchers have initially developed for the simultaneous interpretation contains three CPUs. When working simultaneously, three CPUs can recognise words, phrases from phonetic information and organize sentences immediately without mistakes. In the past, other researcher have developed a system which could simultaneously turn phonetic sounds into words, however, the translations system for mobile phone has been remaining as a tough job.

By People's Daily Online

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