All parties regard dialogue as best approach to resolving differences: chief ROK negotiator

All the parties involved in the six-nation talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue agreed that dialogue was the best approach to ironing out the existing differences, the chief negotiator of the Republic of Korea (ROK) said Friday.

The chief negotiator, ROK Deputy Foreign Minister Song Min-soon, said whether a chairman's statement summarizing the talks, which began here Wednesday, would be issued is subject to how the talks proceed Friday.

Chief US negotiator Christopher Hill described Thursday's meeting of chief delegates as a "fairly businesslike meeting," saying that this week's talks would recess on Friday.

"A specific or possible date for the resumption of the talks might come out Friday," Song said.

Initiated in 2003, the talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue also involve China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Russia and Japan.

Source: Xinhua

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