Chinese top legislator meets Tajikistan PM, senior Russian MP

Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo said Thursday China is willing to improve its relations with Tajikistan and Russia during his meeting with Tajikistan and Russian guests.

During his meeting with Tajikistan Prime Minister Akil Akilov, Wu said frequent high-level contacts between China and Tajikistan, improving mutual political trust and successful cooperation in various fields have contributed to regional and world peace and development.

Wu, chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC), expressed China's thanks to Tajikistan over its support to China on such the issues of Taiwan, Tibet and the fight against the terrorist force of "East Turkistan".

He said the two countries are complementary economically, and China is willing to work with Tajikistan to promote their cooperation in transport and power and other sectors to benefit the two countries.

Akilov, who is in China for the first Euro-Asia Economic Forum, said Tajikistan is willing to broaden its cooperation with China, cooperate with each other in regional and international organizations.

The prime minister reiterated that Tajikistan will firmly support China's undertaking of peaceful reunification of the nation.

During his meeting with D.F. Mezentsev, vice-chairman of the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia, Wu said 2005 is a successful year for China and Russia, with fruitful achievements in Sino-Russian strategic partnership.

Increasingly close cooperation between the two nations in various fields not only safeguarded the common interests of the two countries, but also contributed to world peace and development, said Wu.

He said he is very pleased to see that China's national legislature, the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia and the State Duma launch their regular exchange mechanism, which has played a positive role in promoting the overall development of the Sino-Russian strategic partnership.

Mezentsev, also in China for the first Euro-Asia Economic Forum, said Russia attaches great importance to its relations with China, and hopes to improve its friendly exchange with China's national legislature and promote bilateral exchanges at regional levels and corporate cooperation.

Source: Xinhua

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