Chirac says Syria to face sanction if it does not cooperate in Hariri probe

French President Jacques Chirac warned Thursday that Syria would face international sanctions if it refused to cooperate in Hariri probe.

"If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad really continues to refuse to listen, or understand, then it will become necessary to move to another level, which is that of sanctions," Chirac told a press conference.

It is the first time that the French president expressed so clearly his support for a possible sanction against Damascus if Syria refuses to cooperate with the United Nations.

The United Nations Security Council, in its resolution 1636 unanimously adopted on Oct. 31, summoned Syria to fully cooperate with United Nations probe into the murder of former Syrian Prime Minister Rafic Hariri on Feb. 14 in Beirut.

France co-sponsored with the United States and Great Britain the resolution 1636.

Source: Xinhua

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